10 out of 10 for cabinetry

Our kitchen cabinets will be available soon, but in the meantime, let’s tell you about our bath products:

1. quality assured

To give you a sense of scale and reassurance, we’ve made and sold over 5 million vanities to date. That’s a lot of cabinets! Over that time we’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t.

2. glocally made

We bring the ‘best of the world’ to our cabinets by choosing elements from different countries, such as those with plentiful access to raw materials, or leading design innovation, or state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Then our cabinet makers assemble our specially-selected components with expert care right here in North America, and dispatch direct to you.

3. inner strength

All Indygo10 cabinets are delivered to you fully assembled to make installation quick and easy. We build using proven construction techniques and materials, such as glue & dowel panels for maximum strength and the neatest finish. We test each cabinet in our workshop to make sure it stands strong and sturdy before we ship your order out to you.

4. more space

All Indygo10 cabinets are built using a modern ‘frameless’ design. This gives you full access to the inside of the cabinet and 10-15% more usable storage space.

5. take it slow…

We love that reassuring, high quality feeling you get from effortlessly smooth, super-quiet soft-closing doors and drawers; so we’ve designed them into all Indygo10 cabinets big and small. They’re kinder to you — and our cabinets!.

6. size matters

We know one size can’t fit all when it comes to bath furniture. So you’ll be pleased to know we’ve developed our cabinetry collections around all the most popular styles and sizes — and more

7. what’s your style?

Your bathroom, ensuite or powder room is one place in your home where you want to make a style statement. From rich, traditional wood to classic hand-painted styles to the latest high-gloss handleless designs, our style gurus have nailed it.

8. paint perfection

Many of our cabinets are hand painted for that much sought-after, authentic finish. But we go a few steps further than the norm. Many undergo our 8-stage process for a higher quality, more durable finish that won’t peel and has greater resistance to yellowing, scratches, stains and general wear and tear.

9. top of the tops

Only the best of tops deserve a place on our vanity bases. Such as our beautiful, cultured marble tops in solid or two-tone colors or our stone-effect composite tops that offer the look and feel of granite without the weight, or the cost. Both offer options in matte or semi-gloss, are ultra-hygienic, highly durable and easy to clean, and come pre-drilled with faucet holes for easy installation..

10. drawer conclusions

To us, a drawer is so much more than a box you pull out and push back in. For example, some of our more traditional styles feature the classic dove-tail drawer construction. This time-honored technique is a sure sign of strength and high-quality craftmanship. Whilst our most contemporary designs use the super-sleek ‘Legrabox’; a fully-extending drawer on an innovative, smooth-motion runner system. Different by design, both perform beautifully.

Indygo10 - Delivery System

count to 10…

OK, so delivery itself might be a little longer than 10 seconds, but that’s roughly how long it takes to get your order sorted and into our system to be built and shipped to you. It really is that easy and your cabinets are on their way to you!

waste not want not

The whole team at Indygo10 is committed to protecting the environment and working as sustainably as we can, which is why 100% of the chipboard and MDF materials used across our company sites is from TSCA Title VI certified sources for reduced Formaldehyde emissions.

And in an effort to reduce waste, we put all our MDF and chipboard sawdust and trimmings to great use. It’s all sucked up, filling 2-3 trucks a week, and used at local rice processing mills as boiler fuel for their milling process.

Indygo10 - Reduce Waste

from 10 to zen…

At Indygo10 we’re all about making things easy for you. We want dealing with us to be a totally zen experience: We want choosing your cabinets to be a joy, ordering to be a piece of cake and delivery and installation to be a breeze.

Take a glimpse at our gallery or browse our blogs to get lots of ideas and info. Style is such a personal choice, we want to help you find just what you’re looking for.

Our premiere watch the trends, then put their own spin on them to create kitchen and bath furniture that’s just that little bit different. From developing our new collections each year, to designing the perfect kitchen, laundry, master bath re-model or powder room statement, we make it personal, memorable and right for you. So let’s do this together — if you’d like our help we can talk by phone (toll-free), email,online chat.